Bus Registration

Gretna Public Schools will have over 4700 students enrolled this August.  With the addition of Aspen Creek Elementary and Aspen Creek Middle School we will have a large number of students switching buildings, we need your help to assist us in our transportation planning for 2017-2018.

Please click, or copy and paste, the following link to a brief survey regarding your family’s school transportation plans for the upcoming school year.  We would like everyone to fill out the survey regardless of whether or not your children rode the bus in the past.  Please fill out a separate survey for each of your children.  https://goo.gl/forms/1CG4Otq6CJYl65HV2

Did you know that over half of our students are signed up for busing?  We will continue to use our Z-Pass Card system to track ridership on our busses, so please KEEP the Z-Pass Card this summer and tell us your plans for next school year! 

We will process the survey information to help further build the routes, stops, and times.  As in the past, you will receive a letter late this summer with the specific bus route information for your child.

Your prompt response is appreciated.  Please be sure to complete the  survey:  https://goo.gl/forms/1CG4Otq6CJYl65HV2 by May 26th for ALL students.


NEW: If you need to purchase a Z-Pass, you can now pay for your 17-18 Bus Z-Pass Online at www.gretnaschoolspay.org